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Service \”Made by Fassmer\”

Our aim is simple: high-quality personal support service

The highly qualified and competent members of our office team will deal with your spare parts orders, service & repair jobs and will assist you if you have any questions regarding the upgrading of Fassmer release and retrieval systems or the rehooking of non-Fassmer lifeboats with Fassmer release and retrieval systems.

We look forward to receiving your inquiries! With our Service team we are well positioned to provide a top-quality, time-saving service here or at any other location around the world. Our service engineers are highly qualified and authorized to conduct the installation, commissioning and testing of lifeboats, davits and deck equipment made by Fassmer or other manufacturers on vessels, offshore plants, oil rigs, cruise liners and yachts. They are trained according to the highest Fassmer quality level and SOLAS regulations.

Our service engineers in more than 45 service stations all over the world are also trained and qualified to the same standard and we all live and work to same idea.

Your safety at sea is our guiding principle and our mission:

You may expect a Fassmer lifeboat to have a lifetime of well over 30 years. And we do not stop taking care once it has been delivered. Our after-sales service aims to take care of you, our customers and our products. Therefore we offer a full range of services:

Our Services

Annual & five-yearly service inspections of lifeboats, rescue boats, davits and deck equipment. 110 % overload testing of release gear without waterbags

Repairs, refits and retrofit

Rehooking of non-Fassmer lifeboats with Fassmer release and retrieval systems and upgrading of Fassmer release and retrieval systems according to MSC 1392

Installation, commissioning and testing

Water bag overload testing

Maintenance, repair, and overhaul of marine diesel engines

Fleet/ vessel service agreements

Installation, commissioning and testing

Maintenance service data base

Original spare parts supply center

Training and authorization for crew