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Fassmer Service America

We personally take care of peoples’ lives!


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Our Aim Is Simple

high-quality personal support service

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Service "Made by Fassmer"

You may expect a Fassmer lifeboat to have a lifetime of well over 30 years. And we do not stop taking care once it has been delivered.

Original Spare Parts Supply Center

We will provide all common parts quickly from our stock and will arrange the delivery of the spare parts right on time to it’s destination.

Fleet/Vessel Service Agreements

We take care of our customers lifesaving equipment including checking and keeping the service inspection dates and arranging the best and most economical place for the service.

Rehooking or Upgrading

Rehooking of non-Fassmer lifeboats including pre-inspection, calculating and engineering of foundation, operations planning of material logistics and service engineers. Everything in close contact with you.


Fassmer’s core values are high quality, sustainability, environmental and social responsibility. We at Fassmer Service America maintain these values and high safety standards. Since 2006 we have completed our range with a personal support service covering all your service needs worldwide.

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What We Offer


Fassmer Service America designs and builds quality ships


Fassmer Service America designs and builds quality lifeboats

Deck Equipment

Fassmer Service America designs and builds quality deck equipment

Wind Power

Fassmer Service America designs and builds quality wind power equipment

Composite Technology

Fassmer Service America designs and uses composite technology

After Sales Service

Fassmer Service America offers support after the sales to our clients

Wherever you are, we are available via our central service hotlines:

[themify_icon icon=”fa-phone-square” link=”http://”] +1 954-314-9161 (Local)
[themify_icon icon=”fa-phone-square” link=”http://”] +1 239-297-8984 (After hours)
[themify_icon icon=”fa-phone-square” link=”http://”] +1 310-967-9777
[themify_icon icon=”fa-phone-square” link=”http://”] +1 562-248-8683
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