Fassmer Service America

As one of the world leading manufacturers of life-saving equipment, Fassmer has always been committed to the highest possible safety standards, and all of our products reflect this commitment. In addition, our qualified service engineers are available for regular maintenance, repair and training of crew members to help operators of vessels maintain these standards.

With the new SOLAS regulations MSC/circ. 1206 periodic servicing
and maintenance of Lifeboats, release gears, davits and winches have become
Fassmer Service America LLC, a subsidiary of the well-known Fassmer group, has established a Safety Management System to ensure that all work is conducted according to the rules. Only persons trained and authorized by Fassmer are allowed to do the work and sign the report which leads to the issue of the mandatory Certificate of Serviceability.

Our services:

  • Annual & five-yearly services: on lifeboats, davits, accomodation ladders and gangways in line with the latest international SOLAS regulations.
  • Repairs and Refits: Fassmer is able to carry out any refurbishment on lifeboats, davits and deck equipment at any place in the world through its highly qualified Fassmer service engineers.
  • No-worry package: Our customers can profit from Fassmer competence in an all-inclusive package including project management, installation, commissioning and testing.
  • Rehooking: Customers can rehook their non-Fassmer lifeboats in a safe way by installing the "fail safe" Fassmer Duplex Release System.
  • Training: Fassmer train their service partners regularly, and Fassmer also offers crew training programmes to operate and maintain their LSA equipment.
  • Original spare parts: As part of an overall safety management system Fassmer will provide the correct and suitable spare part quickly.
  • Comfortable online support: Customers can obtain all information, news, checklists and time sheets online.
  • Continuing studies: For further optimization Fassmer works with a differentiated monitoring, evaluation and studies system.

Fassmer Service America LLC is a is a subsidiary company of Fr Fassmer Germany

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